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Dear Aureliusz (Arty),

Red’s Garden Center was in the market for new software for our garden center. After thorough research, a decision was made on which software to purchase. The next step was to purchase new hardware to compliment the software. We did not know where we should buy all the new hardware. Our software vendor told us about a company called IBC located in BC Canada that they worked with. I was nervous about dealing with a company so far away as we are located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I looked at local companies, but in the end decided to go with IBC.

I want to let you know how happy we are with the decision to use IBC. Our hardware came and we set it up. Any questions I had were addressed immediately. I worked with Ivan in support, and he was fantastic. The experience dealing with IBC was great. I cannot thank you enough. I would recommend IBC to anyone. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Jeff Sibley - Red's Garden Centre

Northbrook IL

About Black Cloud Wine:
Created in 2008 by winemaker Bradley Cooper and his partner Ms. Daum, and based in the Okanagan, Black Cloud makes Pinot Noir exclusively in several value tiers. Distinct vineyard-designate vintage bottlings are their hallmark.
When asked about IBC:

How well did the customer service representatives at IBC answer your questions?
•In person and on the phone; good communicators.

How well do you think IBC understands what your company needs to be successful?
•IBC seems attuned to the demands of the wine industry and treats the tiny wineries as if we were big.

How closely did IBC follow your project timeline?
•Extremely closely. We’re always delighted by the rapid service.

How likely are you to recommend IBC to people you know ?
•No brainer, I just send them straight there.

Did an employee go beyond the call of duty and help exceed your expectations?
•Every one we’ve dealt with has been very helpful and seems to understand the value of concise and swift execution of their duties. Very refreshing.

Click to learn more about Black CloudClick to purchase Pinot Noir.

Manager - Black Cloud Winery

Okanagan Valley

“Dear Edith;

I can’t thank you enough for all the work you did as a liaison between myself and the people who would be responsible for repairs to our Psion Handheld Computer. Sometimes in our busy lives we, as people forget to show our appreciation and gratitude for people like you, who have gone out of their way to make us feel important. You have made me feel very good about IBC because with all of the frustration and delays in having California Cascade‘s equipment repaired, you took the time to connect with me and assure me that everything that you could do to help would be done.

The warranty replacement Psion is working beautifully. I know I haven’t called you personally to thank you, but I do want you to know what a pleasure it was and hopefully will continue to be, to know that when I call, your friendly and helpful voice will be on the other end of the phone to guide me through my problem.”

Katherine Snyder, Inventory Control - California Cascade Industries

Sacramento, CA

“I just wanted to take this time to thank you and your group at IBC for all the help you provide to us here at Hampton Lumber in Morton Washington. I have had nothing but good experiences with all of you there. As far as the PA-1000 system that your company sold to us and helped to install here back in 1999, it has performed in outstanding fashion with very little downtime incurred over the whole coarse of this time frame. Our Planer mill, back in 1999, was running 2- 10 hour shifts, 4 days per week. Then in 2002, it sprang to 2 – 50 hour rotating work weeks, 5 days per week. Soon after that in 2002, it again jumped, now 3 shifts of 10 hours each using up the whole 7 days. As you know, we run Studs here from 92 5/8” long to 120” long. Over the last 5 ½ years 85,684,000 barcode labels applied. Can I say this system perfectly applied every last one of those labels? No, but it has applied roughly 99% of them and that makes for a lot less that has to be applied manually by someone. It has also been an injury saver by keeping people from the repetitive motion incurred with using a hand held tagger. I would recommend you and your company and your systems to anyone.”

Richard French - Hampton Lumber

Morton, Washington

I just wanted to share some best practices with you. After several years of fighting the downtime associated with bar coding equipment from companies like Diagraph etc. We have finally found a top notch print & apply machinery manufacturer. IBC is located in Penticton B.C. but sells & services most of their equipment in the eastern U.S. and Canada. If you are looking for any information application equipment I highly recommend their technology & after sales support.

Mike Daley - Western Canada-Director of Winery Operations - Vincor Canada

Oliver, British Columbia

“Thank you for the effort. It is nice to do business with people like you. I am looking forward to upgrade our all products to world standards with your company product. I am pleased with printouts I got with NiceLabel Express. I must tell you, reviews of all bar codes programs on internet, NiceLabel was Numero Uno! And it is.

Thanks again”

Branka - I-BBM Graphic & Digital Media Design

Van Anda, BC

“On behalf of Tony Penkoff and I, we would like to thank you so very much for your recent time and attention to our queries.

Susan, thank you so much for thinking to include our printed labels with our recently delivered order. It was a huge relief and enabled us to get our order out on time.

Arty, thank you so much for the help with our recent order of a printer, software and labels you made the entire process enjoyable.

Enclosed please find a small thank you for all of your kindness and remarkable customer service.

Thank You”

Lisa Sande - Redfern Enterprises

Calgary, AB

“Dear Chris,

Reflecting back to the point of my being assigned as project manager for the development of the Georgia Pacific hardwood S4S plant in Marion, North Carolina, it has occurred to me that I should extend my heart-felt thanks to those who contributed to any success I may have had in the project. On this particular project I had twenty-six major vendors supplying their services/systems to the effort. Only one of these twenty-six did not perform well and should not have been awarded a contract. I calculate that to be just over a 96% success rate.

In your case, Chris, I admittedly had a “very near zero” level of knowledge concerning bar coding for inventory and for the retail trade application. Having the need, along with inventory management, to print and apply on-the-fly soon brought me to realize that your field is nearly vacant when one seeks some flexibility from the equipment supplier. Most of the other bar code equipment suppliers are assemblers of purchased components. I found it difficult enough to design a plant free of trouble sports, without increasing the difficulty factor by having to operate “in the box” created by someone else. It seems to me that anyone wishing to be successful should only choose a manufacturer of the desired equipment whereby the possibility of problems are reduced to the lowest level. I’m certainly glad that I did.

Knowing of your influential position in the bar coding industry prompts me to also let you know of my appreciation for the education you provided which brought me up to speed. I suspect I’m not the first who has needed this training and I expect there will be others yet to come who won’t be far beyond where I was in the beginning. In the future I expect to again be in a position of preparing a recommendation for bar coding equipment, that that point I will probably need to be re-educated and International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting will be my only choice for the task, because I know that you will again work to keep me in the 96% bracket. It’s extremely gratifying to develop associations worthy of this kind of earned respect. May you enjoy continued success.”

Paul Pritchard - Hardwood Lumber Consultant

Marion, North Carolina

Hi Jenn!

Thank you for your time today. It’s so nice to work with such a speedy supplier!

Erin, Canadian Sales Manager - Bench 1775 Winery

Naramata, BC