Canadian Packaging and Labelling Requirements for the Cannabis Industry

Making packaging and label decisions can be a challenge for any company. Branding considerations, clear and usable barcodes, package durability, and how or where to print the labels are just some of the questions companies face. But highly regulated industries such as food, alcohol, and cannabis face even larger hurdles.

To help with these requirements, the Government of Canada has released a Packaging & Labelling Guide to ensure industry compliance with the regulations.

All license holders are responsible for their own compliance with the Cannabis Regulations. If you read through the guide and are still left with questions, contact us for more information.

IBC’s knowledge of printing solutions spans 25 years and in that time has helped growers from small family-run to the industry’s largest Fortune 500 companies. With a growing client portfolio of cannabis producers, IBC is well-positioned to support you through your package and labelling decisions.