Explained: Device as a Service (DaaS) – Is it Right For You?

The management of digital devices in a workplace is a time-consuming, largely administrative task that burdens IT departments everywhere. Device as a Service (DaaS) presents a new model for procuring and managing a business’ devices that improves the performance and productivity of your workplace, saves money, and allows each department to focus on more strategic initiatives.

What is Device as a Service (DaaS)?

Before you can decide if this is right for you, you need to understand what it is. Device as a Service means contracting out the management of your devices to a specialized company who takes care of the procurement, set-up, updating, and disposal of workplace devices. It combines the benefits of hardware leasing with end-to-end lifecycle services into a single, per-device, monthly contract.

Why Choose Daas?

So, is it right for you?

There are several benefits to the Device as a Service (Daas) model of device lifecycle management including:

  • Free up your IT department to work on more important projects
  • Lower technology costs by bundling together hardware and lifecycle services
  • Remove the large up-front costs associated with a one-time purchase
  • Benefit from greater cost predictability
  • Allocate costs to specific projects or business units
  • Access the latest technology
  • Increase security
  • Eliminate performance and productivity issues associated with older devices
  • Standardize hardware and software configurations
  • Provide employees with the best tools to get their job done

If you’re still not sure if this model of device maintenance makes sense for your business, contact us today for a free consultation. We will walk you through the process, who this model best serves, and help you discover if it is a fit for you.

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