IBC RFID Portals now available with Omron RFID Readers / Antennas

International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting Inc. (IBC) is now happy to announce that our RFID Consulting Solution and RFID Portals are now available with Omron Automation’s RFID Readers & RFID Antennas. With manufacturers supply chain costs increasing, RFID provides a live real-time tracking solution to account for raw material, work in progress, and finished products. Field tested with the Omron V780 3-in-1 Antenna, Amplifier & Controller, but available with all of Omron’s RFID equipment, IBC’s RFID Portals now have an additional Antenna option designed for simple and cost effective RFID applications.

IBC RFID Consulting

IBC RFID Portals


General Manufacturing

Wood Products Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Consumer Packaged Goods

Beverage Production

Use Cases:

Pallet Tracking

Log / Load Tracking

Keg Tracking