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Alline labeling systems are integrated linear systems, operating automatically to apply self-adhesive labels on products of a specific shape. Alline systems are configured to match the product: capable of wrap-around, front/back or phase labeling. The Alline can also be customized with an array of devices such as: photocell detection, unwind units, protection enclosures and verification and ejection. This system includes: 1 Alritma S labeling head, 1 Label tracing by fork photo sensor for Non-transparent labels, 1 product tracing by photocell, unwind unit 300mm(12inch) diameter, 1 rigid peeler bar to detach the label from the backing paper, 1 twin-tubes supporting unit, 1 Alline base linear labeling basement for one labeling head, 1 83mm(3.27inch) width slats spacing for conveyor for Alline, 1 products spacer with rubber wheel, 1 wrap around unit for label application on cylindrical products.