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Rack Servers: Value, Flexibility, Efficiency

From growing small businesses to enterprise workloads, Lenovo rack servers offer the unmatched value, flexibility and industry-leading efficiency to meet mission-critical demands with legendary quality and reliability.

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ThinkSystem SR250

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 is a single-processor rack server that integrates power, reliability, flexibility,and security in a compact 1U form factor suited for the small-to-medium business. It provides the flexibility to handle workloads including web serving, virtualization, entry-cloud and data-analytics applications, while integrated IntelSoftware Guard Extensions (SGX) secure the SR250 for blockchain applications.













ThinkSystem SR550

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR550 dual-socket 2U rack server is ideal for small to large organizations that need performance, storage capacity, flexible I/O, and resiliency. With industry-leading reliability and customer satisfaction‡, and designed to handle a wide range of workloads, SR550 cost-effectively performs complex analytics on structured and unstructured data, speeds transactional systems, and powers through collaboration workloads with ever-growing data sets and large files shared within an organization.













ThinkSystem SR590

Designed for rack environments that require peak two-socket performance and sizeable memory capacity, the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590 can tackle cloud and Big Data environments for medium and large enterprises.The SR590 is a balanced, mid range rack server that also works well for small-scale virtualization, collaboration and productivity applications, as well as caching and logging.













ThinkSystem SR635

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 with the next generation AMD EPYC™ architecture is ideal for I/O intensive workloads, from databases and analytics, to virtualized environments (VDI) and hybrid cloud solutions.This 1U, single socket rack server is right-sized to offer the balanced processor power, performance, memory and I/O of a 2-socket server at the value and total cos tof ownership of a 1-socket server. Utilizing the SR635 in a data center environment helps rein in both rising data center costs and data volumes while also addressing ever-expanding capability requirements for the software-defined data center













ThinkSystem SR655

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 with the next generation AMD EPYC™ architecture delivers outstanding TCO for Virtualization, Big data, Analytics,and scale up software defined deployments. It offers two-socket performance in a 2U, single-socket design,featuring higher core, and storage density; increased I/O throughput with less latency; along with built-in system security.The SR655 proves highly capable when managing both rising data center costs and data volumes while also addressing ever-expanding capability requirements for the software-defined data center.













ThinkSystem SR530





ThinkSystem SR570






ThinkSystem SR630






ThinkSystem SR650






ThinkSystem SR670