POS-X EVO Laswer Barcode Scanner and Stand


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The POS-X EVO Laser barcode scanner offers aggressive scanning at an affordable price, great for retail scanning. Lightweight with an easy to use design, the EVO Laser barcode scanner is at home in medium volume retail scanning, such as home stores and department stores.

As the name implies, the barcode scanner is a 1D laser scanner, with an optimal scan range of half an inch to almost a foot for standard retail barcodes. A dual-color LED on the back of the scanner lets you know when the EVO Laser is ready to scan and when a barcode is successfully scanned, ideal for environments where the audible tone cannot or should not be heard.

POS-X built the EVO Laser to handle day-to-day retail use and abuse. The barcode scanner withstands drops of 1-meter, surviving accidental bumps off counters. The rubberized molding around the hood and base not only protects the EVO Laser from collisions but also prevents the scanner from damaging products with which it may collide. Shipping with a 5-year warranty with 2-day rapid replacement coverage standard, the POS-X EVO Laser barcode scanner will provide any retailer with many years of peace of mind.

  • 0.5″ to 10″ scan range for standard retail barcodes
  • 72 scan/sec scanning speed
  • Withstands multiple 1-meter drops
  • LED on scanner shines green when ready to scan, red on successful scan
  • Stand included