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Instant Visibility Into Your Operation

RFID enabled handheld mobile computers and RFID readers for instant visibility into your operations. Flexible options include barcode scanners, long-range, and ultra-rugged for extreme conditions. RFID readers for POS, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, and warehouse applications.

MC3330R RFID Reader

RFID reader

MC3390R RFID Reader

RFID Reader

RFD2000 RFID Sled

RFID sled for TC20

RFD8500 1D/2D Sled

RFID sled with attached mobile computer

MC9190-Z RFID Reader

RFID reader and scanner

MC3190-Z RFID Reader

RFID reader

DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid RFID Imager

RFID imager

Zebra DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs

RFID imager white

Zebra DS9808-R General Purpose RFID Scanner

barcode scanner and RFID reader grey

Zebra Omni XT15 Mobile Computer

mobile computer

Workabout Pro4 Mobile Computer

mobile handheld computer

Zebra DS4800 Scanner for Retail

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