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The QLn Healthcare printers are a part of our comprehensive mobile specimen collection solution that improves patient safety by bringing specimen IDs right to the bedside. Patient samples can be instantly identified – every time. They are crafted with medical-grade plastics that can be safely cleaned by the leading healthcare disinfectants and can withstand literally thousands of wipe downs. In addition, the charger for the QLn Healthcare series is powered by a medical-grade power supply that provides another level of safety for both patients and clinicians.

Easy to Integrate and Manage

With Zebra’s Link-OS environment, hospital IT staff can manage individual printers or groups of printers remotely via a web browser. With the Profile Manager app, hospital IT staff can expedite initial implementation, automate firmware uploads, resolve issues remotely and eliminate the time it takes to update programming on a printer-by-printer basis. Connect QLn printers to a wired ethernet network via the QLn ethernet to enable easy, remote management.

Easy to Connect

The QLn Healthcare Series offers advanced connectivity options with faster data transfer rates and greater range. Incorporating WLAN (802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band) and Bluetooth 3.0, and Near Field Communication (NFC) for Print Touch features, for easy pairing or linking to help pages. To meet the increasing demand for mobile printing from different operating systems, QLn Healthcare printers are “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” certified and also support Android and Windows devices via our Multiplatform SDK apps.

Disinfectant Ready Plastics

With disinfectant-ready plastics, you can wipe the QLn Healthcare printers down with approved hospital grade cleaning agents after each patient visit so the risk of transmitting germs decreases.

QLn 220 Healthcare

Zebra’s Disinfectant-Ready Printer for 2″ (48mm) Applications

Optimized for the high duty-cycle applications where 2″ (48mm) labels and tags are needed, and can also print receipts.

QLn320 Healthcare

Zebra’s Disinfectant-Ready Printer for 3″ (72mm) Applications

Optimized for high duty-cycle applications where 3″ (72mm) labels and tags are needed, and can also print receipts.


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