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Zebra’s ZT411 RFID On-metal Tagging Solution: The Only Dedicated Option for Printing and Encoding Thicker RFID Labels for Metal Assets

Ensuring an effective read range on metal items requires thicker RFID tags, making them incompatible with standard thermal RFID printers. Resolving this challenge, Zebra’s ZT411 RFID On-metal Solution enables you to print and encode thicker metal tags and gives you the flexibility to incorporate simple-to-install, field-upgradeable technology, and 300 dpi print quality.

Ensure RFID Read Range and Print Quality

Zebra’s ZT411 RFID On-metal Tagging Solution is optimized to print and encode Silverline labels with high-quality Zebra ribbons. This gives you excellent print quality and encoding accuracy.

Ideal for Your Application

The benefits of RFID are well known in industries from manufacturing and retail to transportation and healthcare. Silverline labels are available in four sizes to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

The Tools for Asset Tracking

Pair the ZT411 RFID On-metal printer/encoder and Silverline labels with an RFID reader. Together, they enable you to track all critical enterprise assets.