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Barcode scanning at the patient’s bedside is crucial to enhance patient care and enable caregivers to check medication, access records, order tests, collect specimens, and more. Zebra Imagers provide this real-time visibility that gives you the information you need to ensure the right patient has the right drug, at the right time, in the right dose, via the right route. Supported by a secure network, they are also the essential mobile tools to increase operational efficiency, so you know what you have, where you have it, and where it needs to go. The result is enhanced patient safety and streamlined processes in all areas of healthcare – from admissions and laboratories through to the pharmacy and patients’ rooms.

DS4600 Series for Healthcare

DS4600 Series for Healthcare

Scanning Versatility for the Whole Hospital

DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs

DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs

Built for Life in the Lab

DS8100-HC Healthcare Scanner

Zebra DS8100-HC Healthcare Scanner

Premium Healthcare Scanner

Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Scanner

Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Scanner

Pocket-Sized Wireless 1D/2D Scanner

DS4308-HC Healthcare Scanner

Zebra DS4308-HC Healthcare Scanner

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