Zebra ZQ630 RFID Mobile Printer


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Premium Performance Mobile RFID Printing. Anywhere. Anytime.

Boost productivity with the ZQ630 RFID’s fast, high-quality printing and state-of-the-art features. Color display, easy navigation, instant wake over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, industry-leading battery capacity and technology, and now RFID—all packed into one lightweight, durable mobile printer. Reduce errors and RFID label items faster by printing/encoding at the point of application. Ensure workers are always connected with the latest wireless technology. And, give them the maximum battery capacity and smart metrics they need to get the job done—even during the longest shift.

Advanced RFID Capabilities Anywhere

Your workforce is on the go. Your RFID capabilities can be also. Give your team the tools they need to stay connected, access information immediately, and print and encode RFID labels and tags anywhere. The ZQ630 RFID makes it quick and simple. When using the same media type, RFID calibrates only once.

Easy to Use

Providing the same industry-leading RFID technology offered in other Zebra RFID printers and encoders, the ZQ630 RFID printer can encode the most advanced inlays. The simple to use intuitive design combined with Zebra’s propriety adaptive encoding technology provides automatic RFID calibration and eliminates complex RFID setup.

Premium Features for Maximum Productivity

Ensure your teams are always connected. Supporting 802.11ac Wi-Fi and its latest security protocols, the ZQ630 RFID offers the fastest, most dependable wireless connection. With the industry’s only instant wake-up over Wi-Fi feature, it is immediately available for your workers and maximizes power efficiency.