Bar Code Verification Service

IBC Bar code Verification Service small to medium manufacturers the assurance to confirm bar codes and labels are utilized correctly and ready for retail. In order to confirm that product and traceability codes are scannable at retail, IBC’s Bar Code Verification Service provides a cost effective solution that doesn’t require any capital purchases and helps to ensure proper utilization of bar codes.

With Retailer Chargebacks becoming a common occurrence from big box retailers and even smaller retailers, ensuring products are labeled and bar coded correctly can help to reduce the likelihood of getting hit with a retailer chargeback.


What Are The Benefits of IBC Bar Code Verification Service?

  • Prevents retailer chargebacks
  • Doesn’t requires any capital/equipment purchases
  • Ensures compliance with GS1 Bar Coding / ISO Standards
  • Proves to retailers that products are ready for retail

What Do We Test For?

Barcodes are issued a grade between A (4.0) to F (below 0.5) and passing barcodes receive a certificate of compliance. If the barcode fails, GS1 Canada will issue feedback providing direction on how to amend your barcodes.

What Are The Steps To Bar Code Verification?





















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