GS1 Bar Coding Systems Design and Implementation

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If you’re making, selling, or distributing products you know the importance of being able to track throughout the value chain. The starting point to help get information from your data begins with bar codes. Used millions of times per day on everyday products, bar codes are an integral part of product development. With IBC’s Bar Coding Systems Design and Implementation Service we’ll help you manage the requirements needed to get bar codes on your products in a cost-effective manner.  [Read: 10 Steps to Bar Code Implementation]

As a GS1 recommended solution provider we can help design the bar codes, database, software, and programming required to fully extract the value from bar codes. IBC is also a Customs and Border Protection and Customs Border Security Agency recommended company for shippers looking for PARS or PAPS bar coded labels.

As well as 1 Dimensional bar codes, IBC also provides 2 Dimensional (QR) bar code when storing more data is required. IBC can provide hosting of content and landing pages and generate scannable bar codes to have your customers scan from a mobile phone or tablet and be directed to a page custom built for you, or provide a tracking system for internal product codes.


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