IBC conveyors are custom-designed to integrate with your assembly line and adaptable to suit a wide range of light and heavy industrial settings. Our engineering professionals have worked extensively with a variety of industries including wood products, beverage producers, packing houses, supermarkets, manufacturing, and more.

Belt conveyors

Versatile, high-speed conveyors that can accommodate goods raging in size and shape. Each conveyor is designed to improve efficiency in the assembly, sorting, inspection, and transportation of goods. With smooth, easy-glide surfaces or ribbed, grip surfaces, your belt conveyor can move goods easily between stations or levels of your facility. A belt conveyor is an affordable, time-tested option for your business needs.

pallet of lumber on roller conveyor

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are best in systems where accumulation happens along the line, keeping the goods until they are ready to be released to a sorter or palletizer for example. They work well with large heavy products, but can also be used effectively with smaller goods.


Automatic Information Data Capture (AIDC)

IBC conveyors come in industry-standard or custom designs. They can integrate with your current systems, or used with our AIDC systems including scanning, cameras, sensors, printers, and printer applicators.