Environmental Data Logging

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IBC provides data capture systems, data loggers, and weather stations in a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. Used in many different industries to capture data in the field, in the warehouse, in cold storage, and in transportation.

From agricultural research, to farming, IBC provides real time data in the harshest of conditions for integration into production planning, IOT, traceability and operations management.

  • Connectivity Options: Ethernet, Wifi, Cellular, USB, LORAN
  • Sensor Types: Temperature, Soil Moisture, Solar Radiation, Leaf Wetness, Rainfall, Water Level/Flow, Wind, Humidity, PH, G Force, Speed, Vibration, Location

Whether it’s a single greenhouse, an entire farm weather station, a cold storage facility or product in transport IBC’s environmental data logging provide cost effective, accurate, and easily integrated data in order to make informed business decisions.


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