Fixed Mount Scanning

fixed mount scanning of box on conveyor belt









IBC’s Fixed Mount Scanning Solutions add traceability and automation to automated handling and packaging lines. Used in the forestry, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and industrial goods sectors, our Fixed Mount Scanning Solutions allow tracking of raw material, infeed processing, work in progress, finished items, and finished pallets.

IBC can give you real-time automatic tracking of products in a cost-effective and authenticated manner using 1D Bar Codes, 2D Bar Codes, and RFID Codes.

Whether your product is moved by conveyor, forklift, lugs, belts, or vehicles, IBC can capture the data on product movement. No manual counting or marking, with IBC’s Fixed Mount Scanning Solutions you get live real-time data collection so you know where your products are 100% of the time.


upgradeable to RFID, forklift going through RFID portalfixed mount scannerscanners on conveyor belt







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