Sustainable Media

IBC Sustainable Media Solutions Brochure

Customers and retailers are now not only requesting, but demanding labeling and branding solutions that utilize less inputs and have less of an environmental impact. Production and branding managers are now looking for innovative packaging and labeling options in order to meet customers’ expectations, and to reduce environmental footprint.

With many different sustainable material options available, IBC’s pressure sensitive label, tag, and receipt papers  help manufacturers across all industries to meet their sustainability goals while still allowing product and packaging traceability through the supply chain, and in some cases adding additional efficiencies and automation.

Sustainable Options Include:

100%PCW Paper

25%PCW/75% Hemp PCW

Cleanflake PET™

Tree Free Papers

Dissolvable Pulpable Paper

Compostable Paper & BOPP

Recyclable HDPE

Recyclable Liner Material

FSC Certified Paper

Rinse-Off RPC & IFCO RPC Labels

UltraThin Paper & BOPP

Direct Thermal Paper & BOPP

Direct Thermal Linerless

BPA Free Receipt Paper