Hardwood Lumber

“Dear Chris,

Reflecting back to the point of my being assigned as project manager for the development of the Georgia Pacific hardwood S4S plant in Marion, North Carolina, it has occurred to me that I should extend my heart-felt thanks to those who contributed to any success I may have had in the project. On this particular project I had twenty-six major vendors supplying their services/systems to the effort. Only one of these twenty-six did not perform well and should not have been awarded a contract. I calculate that to be just over a 96% success rate.

In your case, Chris, I admittedly had a “very near zero” level of knowledge concerning bar coding for inventory and for the retail trade application. Having the need, along with inventory management, to print and apply on-the-fly soon brought me to realize that your field is nearly vacant when one seeks some flexibility from the equipment supplier. Most of the other bar code equipment suppliers are assemblers of purchased components. I found it difficult enough to design a plant free of trouble sports, without increasing the difficulty factor by having to operate “in the box” created by someone else. It seems to me that anyone wishing to be successful should only choose a manufacturer of the desired equipment whereby the possibility of problems are reduced to the lowest level. I’m certainly glad that I did.

Knowing of your influential position in the bar coding industry prompts me to also let you know of my appreciation for the education you provided which brought me up to speed. I suspect I’m not the first who has needed this training and I expect there will be others yet to come who won’t be far beyond where I was in the beginning. In the future I expect to again be in a position of preparing a recommendation for bar coding equipment, that that point I will probably need to be re-educated and International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting will be my only choice for the task, because I know that you will again work to keep me in the 96% bracket. It’s extremely gratifying to develop associations worthy of this kind of earned respect. May you enjoy continued success.”