15 Inch Tru-Flat Touch Monitor TM4


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The TM4 Touch Monitor features state-of-the-art Tru-Flat Resistive Technology. The zero bezel design eliminates the frame found on traditional monitors, creating a seamless, smooth surface. The screen is easy to clean and is resistant to water, dust, grease, and food build-up, thus making it the ideal choice for retail or restaurant settings.

IP54 Rating
The TM4 Touch Screen Monitor has earned an IP54 International Protection Rating. Resistant to internal dust build up as well as splashing water, the TP4/TM4 have been built to withstand the environments where non-IP rated hardware would eventually fail.
Die-Cut Aluminum Alloy Frame
Enterprise-class build quality is featured on the new TM4 Touch Screen Monitor. Resistant to deterioration and built to last, the die-cut aluminum alloy frame extends from the body through the stand, providing smooth bump-free touch operation.

15″ Tru-Flat 5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen
Built in cable management keeps cords out of site
IP54 Rating – Resistant to dust buildup and splashing water
Sturdy die-cut aluminum alloy frame provides bump-free operation
3 Year Advanced Replacement Protection comes standard