Inkjet Systems

IBC’s inkjet systems are provided in partnership with the industry’s most trusted inkjet manufacturers. Used in nearly every industry for marking raw materials, work in progress, or finished products, IBCs inkjet systems are used where logos, human readable text, and in some cases bar codes are required to mark porous and non-porous substrates. Scalable from Semi-Automated to Fully Automated systems and with TIJ & CIJ systems available, IBCs Inkjet Systems are the easiest way to mark your product for inventory, track and trace, and retail marking.

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Sustainable Media

Customers and retailers are now not only requesting, but demanding labeling and branding solutions that utilize less inputs and have less of an environmental impact. Production and branding managers are now looking for innovative packaging and labeling options in order to meet customers’ expectations, and to reduce environmental footprint.

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Traceability Systems

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Bar Code Verification

BC’s Bar Code Verifier Solutions help prevent Retailer Chargebacks and ensure all your products can be scanned and sold at retail. With retailer chargebacks becoming a common occurrence from Big Box Retailers and even Smaller Mom and Pop Retailers, ensuring products are labeled and bar coded correctly can help to reduce the likelihood of …

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Environmental Data Logging

Environmental Data LoggingIBC provides data capture systems, data loggers, and weather stations in a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications. Used in many different industries to capture data in the field, in the warehouse, in cold storage, and in transportation. From agricultural research, to farming, IBC provides real time data in the harshest of conditions for integration into production planning, IOT, traceability and operations management.

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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor SystemsIBC conveyors are custom-designed to integrate with your assembly line and adaptable to suit a wide range of light and heavy industrial settings. Our engineering professionals have worked extensively with a variety of industries including wood products, beverage producers, packing houses, supermarkets, and manufacturing.

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RFID Consulting

RFID SystemsRadio Frequency Identification (RFID), is becoming the preferred inventory tracking system for many companies in diverse industries as it eliminates the need for line of sight to track items.

IBC can help you unlock the potential of RFID technology for your specific applications. We can consult, supply, install, and test all the components needed for an integrated RFID system. We partner with the leading manufactures of RFID components to build you an end to end custom solution.

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Fixed Mount Scanning

fixed mount scanning of box on conveyor beltIBC’s Fixed Mount Scanning Solutions add traceability and automation to automated handling and packaging lines. Used in the forestry, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and industrial goods sectors, our Fixed Mount Scanning Solutions allow tracking of raw material, infeed processing, work in progress, finished items, and finished pallets.

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