AllineE with two Alritma M heads

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The Alline E is designed for the labeling of one or two sides of rectangular or oval based products. The modular system design can be equipped with several devices to solve the specific handling requirement of customers requiring high performance. This system includes: 2 Alritma M labeling head, 2 label tracing by fork photosensor for Non-transparent labels, 2 product tracing by photocell, 2 unwind unit 300mm(12inch) diameter, 2 rigid peeler bar with adapting roller mounted onto spring-loaded bracket, 1 couple of extra rollers, 2 twin-tubes support unit, 1 Alline base linear labeling basement for two opposing heads, 1 83mm(3.27inch) width slats conveyor for Alline, 1 products spacer with rubber wheel, 1 side belt aligner, 1 electronic board for automatic speed synchronization, 1 top stabilizing belt.