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At IBC we pride ourselves in consistently providing the best value in our Reusable Plastic Container Labels. Every single label we sell passes an extensive QC procedure and is verified and scanned before being sent to our customers. Using ANSI guidelines, our tags and labels consistently receive A and B+ bar code grades for readability. ANSI tests measure: Edge Determination, Quiet Space, Reflectance, Symbol Contrast, Edge Contrast, Modulation, Defects, and Decodability.

Now with retailer chargebacks costing between 2-10% of manufacturer revenue, properly labeled and readable bar coded products are a financial necessity. Poorly labeled and un-readable bar coded products become a retailers’ nightmare when customer transactions are delayed due to product bar codes that are unable to be scanned. Sharing the pain, retailers and manufacturers are equally on the hook for ensuring product bar-codes are properly applied and readable every time. When you get your Fruit and Vegetable Reusable Plastic Container Labels from IBC you simply avoid these problems.