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Blade Servers: The Flex System

Flex System is Lenovo’s proven, 2nd generation blade, that efficiently runs your infrastructure applications with up to 80% better density than standard rack server deployments.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SN550

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SN550 blade server has twice the memory of previous generations. Designed with agility, speed, and flexibility, this next generation gives you new levels of command over your resources, and the reduced complexity and increased power help you to streamline your infrastructure.

This is a scalable blade server that is optimized to support the next-generation microprocessor technology. It is ideally suited for medium and large businesses.

Suggested uses include: database, virtualization, enterprise applications, collaboration and email, streaming media, Web, HPC, and cloud applications.

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Lenovo ThinkSystem SN850

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SN850 is a four-socket Intel Xeon processor-based server that is optimized for high-end virtualization, mainstream database deployments, and memory-intensive, high-performance environments. The blade server incorporates Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family of processors.

The SN850 offers massively increased memory capacity and bandwidth, more processor cores, faster and larger storage capacity, plus enhanced RAS and security features. As a result, SN850’s four-CPU, 48 DIMM-slot design is powerful enough for even your most demanding memory-intensive workloads. Examples include in-memory databases, batch and real-time analytics, virtualization, large traditional databases, distributed computing, or consolidating multiple past generation servers onto a single blade.