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PA10G 2018 Brochure

Designed to automatically print and apply self-adhesive labels to wood products in real time, the PA10G is fast, efficient and reliable. Compatible with most computer systems, IBC labelers are easy to integrate with existing production equipment or host control systems via a range of interface options including Ethernet or Wireless. IBC labeling systems are provided with an integrated controller that controls the print and apply sequence using photo-electric product sensors. Print jobs can be sent in advanc e to the print engine by any external controller or computer system, or optionally IBC can provide an external Operator Interface that can be used for label design and label print selection where a PC or host is either not available or not practical.

• Industry’s Fastest Print and Apply Speed in the World (over 300 pieces per minute)
• Fully Automatic “Stand-Alone” Operation
• Next Label Up
• Auto Centring of Labels on Product
• Automatic Speed Compensation
• Special Designed Controller Board with uniquely optimised Firmware
• Ethernet Network Connection as Standard
• Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
• Remote and Local Statistical Information
• Remote Firmware Upgrades
• Powered Unwind (Label Supply) and Rewind (Waste Take-up)
• Huge Label Capacity (1000 metres)Ribbon and Labels
• Label Supply and Ribbon Length are matched for ease of use

-PA10G Printer Applicator system with industrial enclosure
-High speed heavy duty SATO print engine for fast label printing (16” per second)
-17″ Label supply capacity with 3” unwind core, holding plate, backing plate, feedback mechanism, and powered unwind
-11” liner waste capacity with 1.5” rewind core, holding plate, backing plate, feedback mechanism, and powered rewind
-Ventilation Panel with removable fan and filter
-Photo-Electric Label Apply Sensor
-Blow-On Apply Pad with suction and air assist
-Air Filter Regulator
-Three color Light Beacon

-Photo-Electric Product Trigger Sensor
-Roll-On or Tamp-On instead of Blow-On
-User Display and Navigation for Control Unit
-Operator Interface Enclosure
-NiceLabel Suite Software
-Industrial Computer
-15” or 17” Touch Screen LCD Monitor
-Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Unit
-PA-10G Unit Stand
-Stands are customized according to each application.