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he PA-10L printer applicator is the culmination of 20 years experience in providing custom printer applicators. Listening to feedback from our industry partners, the PA10L is built for high speed label printing and applying. Designed for all consumer packaged goods labeling, the implementation of a PA10L provides accurate and robust labeling solutions at the speeds of next generation handling lines in an adaptable package configurable to operate through PC, PLC, or Manual Control. Enclosed in a warehouse grade heavy duty steel case, The PA10L’s internalized components and limited amount of moving parts means less wear on components, longer periods between tune-ups and better return over the lifetime of its purchase.
– Rugged Simplicity – Has few moving parts and is straight forward in its operation and maintenance.
– Solid enclosure for sanitary and food-safe requirements
– Warehouse grade heavy duty steel enclosure needs less than 30” of line space.
Adaptable to top, side, or bottom apply on any stud, panel or shelving
– Large capacity label supply (1000 meters)
– Ribbon matching ensures reduced ribbon change time
– Designed for low power consumption
– Power-down setting memory requires no re-programming


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