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Passes & Lift Tickets

IBC offers season passes, multi-day passes, single use, and specialty tickets that are durable and produced to stand up to the harsh demands of water, cold, mud, and wipeouts!

Our tags are professionally printed and custom designed and packaged to suit your individual needs. Choose linerless tags or adhesive-back, waterproof, tear-resistant, dual or multi-colour, and more. With over 20 years in the printing and barcoding industry, we will ensure you get the right tag for you.


IBC ski passes and lift tickets are printed with the highest quality and attention to detail so that their barcodes are always readable by a scanner.


Bring your own design, or let us do it for you. Save on costs by using two or three colour designs or make a lasting statement with multi-coloured designs. Ask us about printing terms and conditions on the back of the tag or label.