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The POS-X EVO-TM4 touchscreen monitor is the ideal choice for businesses needing an accurate touchscreen on a budget. At 15″, the EVO-TM4 sports a native resolution of 1024 x 768, capable of displaying most applications easily. The PCAP touchscreen allows for fast and accurate touchscreen operation, and the tilting base is sturdy enough to withstand even rough operation. With optional side-mounted magnetic strip readers (MSR) or rear facing VFD display, the POS-X EVO-TM4 is a versatile touchscreen solution for restaurant, retail, or hospitality locations.

The EVO-TM4 features state of the art Tru-Flat resistive technology and a bezel free screen. This is a great new feature that not only makes the monitor easier to clean, but extends monitor life by preventing unwanted debris buildup. This is a perfect feature for kitchens where food and splashing liquids are near to the monitor. Easier to use then bevelled monitors, it allows the largest of fingers to get right to the edge of the screen with no effort. As a bonus, POS-X includes Tru-Flat support gestures making it is as simple as dragging a finger up or down on the screen to navigate within applications.

This monitor supports multiple configurations, giving you an option for most business layouts. The base of the unit can be removed, revealing VESA mounting options, ideal for wall or pole mounting. For added customer data display, including digital signage, an LCD monitor can be mounted to the back of the unit.
Similar models to the EVO-TM4 include the EVO-TM2 touch monitors which come in either 15 inch or 17 inch dimensions.