POS-X ION Linear Wireless Scanner


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The ION Linear Wireless is part of the cost-effective, high performance POS-X ION Series. The Wireless employs ZigBee® Standard technology, which has lower interference rates and uses less energy than other wireless technologies, ensuring a longer battery life between charges. The ION Linear Wireless incorporates a USB dongle, a sleek, shatter-resistant, ergonomic housing, and the standard POS-X industry-leading warranty and support package.

ZigBee® Standard wireless technology
Approx. 70,000 scans/charge
100 Meter/328 foot Range
Convenient 2-in-1 USB dongle/charger
Reading distance: From 1.2″ to 18.1″
Low interference rate from other electronics
Reads up to 270 scans/second
3-Year Warranty includes 2-Day Advance Exchange Service