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The POS-X ION Fit touchscreen monitor has the features needed to handle even the most demanding applications. A sleek and sturdy design, the ION Fit is a great choice for restaurant, retailers, informational kiosks, and more.

A 15 inch monitor, the ION Fit is large enough to display most point of sale software with ease. The ION Fit uses five-wire resistive touch technology, giving you the robust precision necessary for aggressive use. Optional accessories, including a 3-track MSR, various customer displays, and a biometric reader provide additional functionality while saving space at your POS station.

POS-X built the ION Fit to handle high stress and high stakes environments, holding up to aggressive use and abuse. The sturdy base holds steady under excessive use, and the touchscreen is rated at 50 million touches per location. With a 3 year warranty including 2-day advance exchange service standard, the POS-X ION Fit is a smart option for long-lasting use.

– 15″ touchscreen
– 5-wire resistive touch technology
– USB interface
– Optional credit card reader, biometric reader, customer displays
– 3 year warranty with 2-day advance exchange service