Zebra RS419 Ring Scanner


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Put Next Generation Hands-Free Scanning at Your Workers’ Fingertips

Enable your workers with next generation hands-free scanning to improve operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center, or retail store with the RS419 ring-style scanner.

Paired with our wearable mobile computers, the RS419 provides hands-free freedom — no longer will workers waste time setting an item down to check a paper work order or to pick up a handheld device to scan a barcode.

The result?

Productivity increases — you can handle more volume without adding more staff. Workers get the valuable double-checks they need to ensure task accuracy. And real-time inventory information provides the visibility needed to reduce out-of-stocks.

Superior Scanning Performance

Innovative scanning technology allows workers to get more done in a day.

Our patented Adaptive Scanning technology automatically toggles between a wide and narrow scan angle until a barcode is detected. Users can zoom in on barcodes as far as 15 ft./4.5 m and zoom out to capture barcodes at near contact — the widest working range in this device class.

Built for Tough Environments

A long list of features delivers around-the-clock dependable operation. The patented Liquid Polymer scan element has a lifetime warranty — it is frictionless and won’t wear out.

The RS419 is built to survive everyday drops and bumps.

Full Shift Power

The RS419 draws very little power from the host device, ensuring the mobile computer it’s connected to can still operate for a full shift on a single charge.

Productivity is protected —users won’t need to hunt for a spare battery during a shift.