How to buy a Business Server

When gathering information on purchasing business ready servers there is a gluttonous amount of advice and data on options available. With processor options, mounting options (Rack vs Tower), RAM Options, Hard Drive options and everything else in between; it can be easy to be overwhelmed in the configuration let alone the transition.
To help simplify the decision making process we’ve put together a slideshow with the the 6 questions you need to be asking before purchasing a server.


Server Question Roadmap

1) How many users on the server? Will users be using the server at the same time all day or used sporadically throughout the day?

2) Will you be using the server for point of sale and word processing? Is Outlook going to be used?

3) Do you need access remotely to the server from an off-site location?

4) Do you have networking connected to every workstation or do you need more cabling, routers, and switches

5) Will the server be dedicated to point of sale or as a storage server?

6) RAID requirements (RAID1 or RAID1+HS). RAID 1 is 2 HD’s, one mirrored drive. RAID1+HS is 3 HD’s, two mirrored drives.