2020 BC Traceability Grants

Receive up to $70,000 in funding to help with the implementation of your traceability program.

The BC government is actively promoting the implementation of traceability programs in the food industry to protect consumers and reduce the risks associated with food safety. In line with this goal, they are offering a variety of grants to support food and beverage producers and encourage the adoption of traceability systems.

Even though it’s cold outside, now is the time to apply for your 2020 BC Traceability Grant.

If you aren’t sure where to start or you don’t have the time to spend writing a qualifying grant, the experts at IBC can help.

IBC has been providing traceability solutions for 25 years. We specialize in helping producers qualify for grant funding from these programs: Traceability Adoption, Traceability Value Chain, and Post-Farm Food Safety (PFFS). IBC is an official solution provider for BC Traceability.

Learn more about our BC Traceability Grant Consulting service.




Is Traceability for Me?

If you are still unclear on the benefits of a strong traceability program, learn how it can protect you and your business.

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