Ski Passes & Race Bibs

With over 25 years of experience providing track and trace solutions, IBC’s products are designed to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions. Get professionally printed, custom designed ski passes, lift tickets, and race bibs to represent your brand to consumers and attract high quality sponsorships.

Passes & Lift Tickets

IBC offers season passes, multi-day passes, single use, and specialty tickets that are durable and produced to stand up to the harsh demands of water, cold, mud, and wipeouts!

Our tags are professionally printed and custom designed and packaged to suit your individual needs. Choose linerless tags or adhesive-back, waterproof, tear-resistant, dual or multi-colour, and more. With over 20 years in the printing and barcoding industry, we will ensure you get the right tag for you.



Race Bibs

IBC’s race bibs are one of the easiest tools for tracking competitors and times in any racing or sporting event. Designed to be weather proof for all environments, IBC’s race bibs can be used to track runners, skiers, swimmers, cyclists, motocross racers and can be made of stick-on synthetic labels, pin-on synthetic tags, or synthetic bike post wrap labels.