Cannabis Industry – Scale Requirements

Medical and recreational cannabis producers and sellers are subject to the requirement set out in the Weights and Measures Act that scales must be approved, inspected, and certified for use in trade.

Choosing your scale

  • Class II scales are calibrated for high precision and are the most appropriate for products with a high market value and sold in small quantities
  • Choose a class II scale with a verification interval of 10 mg if the cannabis weights between 100 mg and 1 kg. Contact Measurement Canada if you are working with amounts weighing more than 1 kg.

Getting your scale certified

  • Contact a Measurement Canada authorized service provider or inspector to carry out the examination
  • They will issue a device examination certificate when the scale meets all the requirements

Scale maintenance

  • Scales are not subject to mandatory re-examination, but Measurement Canada carries out random checks throughout the year
  • Make sure you have a good maintenance program and have your scales recalibrated regularly
  • Get your scale serviced and recalibrated if you relocate to a new address

Visit the Government of Canada website for more information.

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