Explained: Solution as a Service (SolaaS) – Is it Right for You?

As-a-service offerings are transforming the way businesses manage their IT needs. By addressing the unique challenges faced by businesses, Solution as a Service (SolaaS) goes beyond Infrastructure as a Service (3rd party host computing),  Platform as a Service (3rd party platform for web applications), and Software as a Service (cloud access to software) to integrate all aspects of a project or business.
















As a result, businesses are able to simplify, streamline, and optimize their IT processes. This reduces the burden faced by the IT department, saves money, and provides the right tools for employees to do their jobs.

IBC offers full solutions for end-to-end traceability that may begin with the purchase of a printer or labels but often grows into a one-vendor solution where all of a customer’s software, hardware, knowledge, and maintenance are provided.


infographic explaining IBC's solution as a service


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