GS1 Canada Free Barcode Generation System Down

Before a company can begin using barcodes, they must create the numbers that go inside the barcode. These numbers are called GS1 Identification Keys. To obtain a GS1 Company Prefix contact the GS1 Member Organization in your country.

Once you have your GS1 number, you need to generate a digital version of your barcode. Until recently, GS1 Canada had free software you could use to generate a digital file for most basic barcodes. Last week, this software stopped working and GS1 Canada has not provided any feedback.

So, what should you do?

There are a number of options ranging from hiring a company with barcode software, to buying the software and printer to create your own barcoded labels.








For more information on how IBC can help you with your barcoding needs, read our brochure GS1 Barcoding & Label Generation.

2021-01-15 Update: GS1 seems to be up and running now. If they are unable to generate your barcode type, see your options above or contact us for more information.

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