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What is an Air Knife System?

Air Knife Systems use compressed air for industrial applications. The curtain-like airflow of the Air Knife (a.k.a. air curtain) is used to dry, clean, remove excess oils, liquids and dust from your application. The Air Knife may also be used for: printing and labeling, part or component cooling, converting and packaging, films and laminating, form and fill, sheet and web materials, bag opening/fill operations, conveying, food processing, and paint preparation. Air Knife uses the Coanda Effect to amplify the air up to 40 times from the inlet making it the most efficient compressed air drying system.

  • Finest tools and expertise for air knife production
  • End-to-end innovative products for improved usability
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading of techniques and methodologies
  • Cost-effective products in a cost-sensitive market
  • Latest and proven technologies used for premium air knife manufacturing

Our Air Knives can be used for superior quality cleaning, cooling, heating, or decontaminating. They help in removing dirt, moisture, contamination, etc. from the object. Our air knives are energy efficient and do not require heavy maintenance. Right from inception, we have created a mark in the industry by offering the most effective products. Honesty and integrity are our stepping stones and we have worked hard towards every milestone we have achieved.

Pneumatic Design

The designs of our Air knives are made to meet all requirements in performance and functionality. Our air knife models are robust, reliable and the most durable among competitors. The superiority of technology can be witnessed with well-crafted engineering of our air knives.

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