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DIGIOP ELEMENTS is a video management software suite that delivers simple, powerful functions that enable you to find your important video, FASTER!

DIGIOP ELEMENTS includes the essentials needed for a video-based security solution:

Record video – Record high quality video to monitor activity in a variety of environments.
Multi-camera playback – Play back video from multiple security cameras connected to the system.
Powerful search features – Thumbnail search, calendar search and filter queries enable you find video quickly and easily.
Centralized configuration of systems, devices – Simplifies system installation.
Centralized and remote management – View and manage your video from a central location, or remotely.
Optional cloud hosted user rights and permissions – Provides enterprise failover protection and remote server upgrades and updates.
DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ features three powerful software components: DIGIOP Connect, DIGIOP Control, and DIGIOP Core. Together these elements provide the foundation for a revolutionary tool to view and manage your video.

DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ DIGIOP® Connect is a unified dashboard that displays video and data

intelligence on a single interface, enabling remote management of a single-site and

multi-site systems.

DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ DIGIOP® Control is a web-based administration portal that enables system

configuration and permission management from anywhere in the world (internet access is required).

DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ DIGIOP® Core is a real-time video recording platform for analog and


cameras. The DIGIOP Core software can be configured to display live video as it’s

recorded, or to run in the background and archive video and data for display using DIGIOP Connect.