Verifone VX810 PIN Pad


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The redefined Vx 810 PIN pad is designed to support merchants’ requirements and consumers’ needs. It’s reliable, modular and user-friendly. For merchants, the Vx 810 PIN pad is easy to set up with top-of-the-line features and suitable to most retail environments. For consumers, it’s stylish, fits comfortably into the palm of hands, and easy to use.

The Vx 810 is ready for future changes in the payment environment. Comes with Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) expansion port to allow merchants to upgrade the device. The modularity of the Vx 810 offers many options, including contactless payment, and a base unit with a printer and modem to make it a complete payment device. Comes with a high-speed processor and ample memory for a range of payment value-added applications. Provides complete security for all transaction types.