Installation, Servicing and Maintenance (ISM) Program

Installation Servicing Maintenance (ISM) Program Brochure

IBC’s ISM Services increase operational efficiency, machinery life-span, and improve up-time by enabling you to:

Manage your budget with predictable, controllable costs. With various fixed cost pricing options, ISM enables easy budgeting for current and future needs since hard-to-control variable service and maintenance costs are replaced by fixed costs.

Eliminate the cost and headache of multiple service providers. With IBC’s multi-vendor capabilities, you can reduce the number of service providers you need to support a broad spectrum of products and solutions. With integrated hardware, software, consumables and service; help is only one call away

Scale support quickly and easily. IBC’s global infrastructure allows you to expand or reduce your requirements at any time. You eliminate indirect costs and the need for additional language and time zone coverage.

Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology without the burden of evaluating, purchasing, implementing and supporting it.

Re-focus on your core business and managing more strategic initiatives, while receiving the best infrastructure support available.

Maintenance and support services are preventive and remedial services that physically repair or optimize hardware through a contract maintenance program. Software maintenance and support services include long-term software support contracts as well as installation assistance and basic usability assistance. In some cases, software support services may include new product installation services, installation of product updates, migrations for major releases of software and other types of proactive or reactive on-site services. Software products and technologies covered under this category include operating systems and infrastructure software. Software support services do not include the purchase of subscriptions that provide entitlement and rights to use future minor versions (point releases) or future major releases of software.