On-Site Technology Consulting

(Enterprise Computing, Rugged Mobility, Inventory Management, Networking, Security) Our On-Site Consulting service provides for an extensive in depth site survey to provide clear and concise data analytics for tangible benefits of updating non-existent or legacy equipment.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Map new technology for existing businesses.
  • Repair, replace or upgrade advisement.
  • Incorporate existing technology to update processes.
  • Data management required to make informed decisions.
  • Future data requirements to ensure compliance.

Key IBC benefits:

IBC has an intimate understanding of the Waste, Scrap, Hauling Industry with 20+ years experience.

IBC is a master designer of data collection and tracking systems to incorporate true Track and Track programs without outrageous expenditures to ensure a timely Return On your Investment (ROI).

25% of Consulting fees can be applied toward future work, goods, or services purchased from IBC if RFP is enacted to become a project.

On Site Consulting Deliverables:

  • Technology implementation budget
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Replace or upgrade Legacy Technology Advice
  • Suggested R.O.I. based on known and future data stream requirements
  • Suggested requirements for issuing Request For Proposal (RFP)