Black Cloud Winery

About Black Cloud Wine:
Created in 2008 by winemaker Bradley Cooper and his partner Ms. Daum, and based in the Okanagan, Black Cloud makes Pinot Noir exclusively in several value tiers. Distinct vineyard-designate vintage bottlings are their hallmark.
When asked about IBC:

How well did the customer service representatives at IBC answer your questions?
•In person and on the phone; good communicators.

How well do you think IBC understands what your company needs to be successful?
•IBC seems attuned to the demands of the wine industry and treats the tiny wineries as if we were big.

How closely did IBC follow your project timeline?
•Extremely closely. We’re always delighted by the rapid service.

How likely are you to recommend IBC to people you know ?
•No brainer, I just send them straight there.

Did an employee go beyond the call of duty and help exceed your expectations?
•Every one we’ve dealt with has been very helpful and seems to understand the value of concise and swift execution of their duties. Very refreshing.

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