RFID Technology for Business

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), is becoming the preferred inventory tracking system for many companies in diverse industries as it eliminates the need for line of sight to track items. Contact IBC today and let our traceability experts help you to discover the power of RFID technology for your business.


IBC RFID PortalRFID Consulting

IBC can help you unlock the potential of RFID technology for your specific applications. We can consult, supply, install, and test all the components needed for an integrated RFID system. We partner with the leading manufacturers of RFID components to build you an end to end custom solution.



mobile handheld computerRFID Products

Discover IBC’s range of RFID products including labels & tags, RFID portals, scanners, mobile computers, printers, software, and more.

Not sure where to start? Contact our traceability experts today to help you find the right products for your business.