Wood Products Automation Update: IBC PA10G Printer Applicator Advanced Stand Upgrades Available

IBC’s extensive experience in bar coding and labeling solution to the wood products industry sees an upgrade to the automated printer applicator mounting.

IBC PA10G Printer Applicator

IBC PA10G Advanced Stand

The IBC PA10G Printer Applicator is the wood products industry’s fastest label printer applicator able to print and apply next label up at over 300 pieces per minute onto lumber, boards, engineered wood products, OSL, OSB, and plywood. In order to optimize the maximized productivity improvements that wood products manufacturers facilities, IBC has optimized and improved the mounting stand to accommodate additional retail requirements. IBCs PA10G Advanced Stand  is able to accommodate varying height products, and with optional accessories like Inkjet systems, material hold downs, and Non-Production Loss (NPL) operation the IBC PA10G Printer Applicator mounted in the IBC PA10G Advanced Stand provides maximum flexibility and scalability for future market requirements to ensure your wood products are bar coded, labeled, and retail ready.

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