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Identify people with a high body temperature before they have contact with your staff and customers. The temperature screening kiosk can scan a person in two seconds and alerts them if they have a temperature. Install the fever detection kiosk at entrances to reduce the spread of viruses and give people confidence your business is a safe place to enter.

The body temperature screening kiosk helps you fulfill your responsibility as a business owner. The unit is accurate to within ±0.4°F, so employees can be confident that coworkers and customers are free of this symptom. The fever scanner also helps maintain business productivity during pandemics and seasonal illness, which protects jobs and the future of your company.

Position the body temperature scanner at entrances and key locations via wall or stand mounting. The infrared camera works when users are wearing masks, so staff and customers can keep their PPE on at all times. Rapid scanning ensures entrances stay clear and without long lines, which supports social distancing.

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